Wanders Smart 75 Freestanding Fireplace - Black

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R 41,864.00
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  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Complies with strict European and German standards
  • Fitted with the Highly Insulated Interior "HI2" attractive, durable material
  • Extremely heat-resistant, improved combustion, higher insulation value & longer useful life.

*Wanders carries a 5-year warranty excluding wear and tear items and glass

Wanders Smart 75 Freestanding Fireplace - Black provides all the heating technology in a minimalist design ensuring the focus will be on the fire. It is mountable on a plateau or can be installed as a wall-hanging fireplace.

Since 2011, Fireplace & Stove Centre have imported slow burning wood stove fireplaces and fireplace flue systems offering South Africans a wide selection of cost effective and stylish home heating solutions

Product Specifications:

  • Heat output: 10kw
  • Heating capacity: 400 cubic meters
  • Flue outlet: 150 diameter – top only
  • Freestanding unit
  • Detachable handle 
  • Highly Insulated interior 
  • Dimensions: 552mm H x 770mm W x 401mm D
  • Self-closing door

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Ask a Question
  • Please provide me with more detail on the Wanders Smart 75. What is the interior lining made of and what is the burn time of the fireplace? Does it come with a fan?


    In an ideal weather conditions and using seasoned wood like Namibian wood – you’ll get about 6 hours

    The Hi2 bricks are a mixture of vermiculite and concrete.

    The fireplace does not come with a fan