TRADEPOWER Water Pump with Tank Connector Kit (0.5hp, Auto Switch)

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The TRADEPOWER Water Pump with Tank Connector Kit (0.5hp, Auto Switch) comprises a 0.5hp self-priming pump, an automatic pump controller switch and a connection kit to link your water tank to the pump and controller assembly.

  • Complete system to start using the water stored in your tank
  • Small, economical booster pump with 35m head
  • Autonomous operation through the automatic pressure switch
  • Perfect for domestic: can easily supply 1 or 2 toilets, a washing machine or hose pipe even with a one-storey level difference

Tradepower is a reliable water pump brand specialising in electric jet water pumps, centrifugal water pumps, petrol water pumps & accessories.

Complete kit contents:

  • 0.37kW peripheral water pump (may come in green or blue)
  • Automatic control flow switch
  • Quick change couplers
  • Suction hose with fittings 
  • 2 x 1" ball valves 
  • Hose connector 
  • 2 x 1" quick connectors
  • 1" connector
  • Thread tape 

Pump specifications:

  • Rated power: 370W
  • Motor speed: 2850/min
  • Max. head: 35m
  • Max. flow: 40L/min
  • Max. suction: 8m
  • Outlet: G1"
  • Dimensions [h x l x w]: 36cm x 46cm x 21cm
  • Warranty: 12 months

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  • Am I understanding this ad properly? This pump is easily connected to the tank and able to be removed easily to attach to another tank in my garden?

    Hi Gwynne,

    Yes indeed; this kit is designed to easily be removed and used elsewhere without the hassle of screwing and unscrewing many connections.