TORO Drip Irrigation Kit, 250m²

R 2,125.00

The TORO DIY Dripkit is a complete drip irrigation kit to water 250m² for vegetable gardens, flowerbeds and urban farming. 

  • Designed for vegetable gardens, flowerbeds or groups of pot plants
  • Sufficient for 250 square meters 
  • Waters up to six standard-sized plants
  • Connects easily to an outdoor faucet or garden hose, no tools required
  • Self-contained drip irrigation kit with easy set-up and expansion 

Instructions to set up the Drip Irrigation kit:

Step 1: Obtain/ draw a scaled plan of the area to be irrigated. DIY irrigation is better suited for smaller, less complex gardens.    

Step 2: Locate the point of connection on the plan. You will get the best pressure closest to where the mains are located on your property.

Step 3: Note the site and environmental parameters - Soil texture (clay, sand, loam); Plant material; Direction and degree of slope

Step 4: Lay out the laterals according to the following: 10 lateral driplines with 1m spacing between each.

Step 5: For applications exceeding a 3% slope, place the laterals parallel to the slope contour. For areas exceeding 3.048m in elevation change, zone the lower one-third of the slope separately from the upper two-thirds to help control drainage.

What's in the box?

Technical specs:

  • Tubing size: 1/4" (0.6 cm) tubing 
  • Operating pressure: 8-60 PSI 
  • Water flow: 2.0 GPH
  • Weight: 0.5kg

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