Grey Water System, The Little Grey Box

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  • Save, filter and reuse waste water from your bath, basin, shower and washing machine, for watering your garden
  • Material and design prevents bacteria growth - manufactured from high-quality LLDPE as used in food processing environments
  • Designed to be easily cleaned and disinfected as the material is non-absorbent
  • Automatically pumps grey water to your garden, so no risk of overflow or spillage
  • The system includes a DAB VERTY NOVA 200M submersible water pump 

The average household uses 57% of its water on irrigation. The Little Grey Box will drastically reduce your municipal water consumption and keep your garden green.

Technical Specs:

  • Height: 340mm
  • Length: 580mm
  • Width: 380mm
  • Material: uPVC class 12
  • Pump: 0.18kW 220V
  • Power cable: 10m
  • Water Storage Capacity: 40l


Q: What is Grey Water?
A: Grey water is the waste water obtained from your bath, basin, shower and washing machine. This is the only safe grey water to use.

Q: Can I install the system myself?
A: Yes, you would need to have some basic DIY skills, simple plumbing tools and a general understanding of your homes waste system to ensure that the correct outlets are connected to The Little Grey Box.

Q: Will grey water damage my lawn?
A: Chemical build up from soaps only became damaging if you water your garden in the same place over a long period of time. Moving your sprinkler and low phosphate detergents will give you the best performance and keep your garden green and healthy.

Q: Can you store grey water for a long period of time?
A: You shouldn't store grey water for more than a day at a time

Q: How do I clean my grey water box?
A: Cleaning the grey water box is easy and requires using clean water to rinse and a very soft brush to loosen any sediment from the corners. A little (300 ml) white vinegar can be mixed with clean water and left to settle for 30 minutes before pumping it out into the garden.

Q: How often must I clean my grey water system?
A: This depends on how big your household is and is easily determined by a simple inspection. Inspect once a week to get an idea of how regularly you will need to clean it.

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