TECEbox Toilet Module with Uni Cistern (Install In Brick Wall)

R 1,939.00

The TECEbox Toilet Module with Uni Cistern is elegantly designed to fit in any modern bathroom in a bricked-in pre-wall in front of a solid wall. It significantly reduces water consumption with its single flush option.

  • Dual flush system with single & dual flush options
  • Water-saving with single flush option
  • Large dual flushing volume to prevent deposits in old pipe systems
  • Low-noise with hydraulic filling valve
  • Durable, safety tank made with impact-resistant plastic

TECE is a German innovator of installation systems and a global manufacturer of sanitary products. For over 30 years, they have been developing and providing system solutions that combine permanently safe functions with timeless designs.

Technical drawing:

Product specifications:

  • Installation height: 1060mm
  • Dimensions [w x l x d]: 475 x 1060 x 130mm

What you get:

Octa cistern for front actuation, consisting of:

  • Impact-resistant plastic safety tank
  • Pre-assembled & sealed cistern
  • Cistern connection with 1/2in inner thread
  • 10l tank volume; 6l preset standard flush volume; 4.5/7.5/9l flush volume can be set at any time;
  • 3l partial flush volume with dual-flush system. Residual volume usable for immediate flush cleaning.
  • Insulated against condensation water
  • For TECE flush plates & toilet flush handle
  • Dual flush gives the option of 2 flush types. One button gives a short flush (3l) & the other button operates the full flush (6l)
  • Tested to DIN EN 14055
  • Acoustic group 1 in accordance with DIN 4109
  • Low-noise hydraulic filling valve

Module consisting of:

  • Galvanised steel frame
  • Two M12 retaining bolts & nuts, installation spacing 180 or 230mm
  • Toilet drain bend DN90 incl. joint adapter DN90/100 made of PP
  • Joint adapter also suitable for horizontal installation
  • Toilet connection set DN90, including protective plugs

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