Squire Old English Padlock 440 50mm Galvinised KD

R 399.00
  • 4 Lever padlock
  • Galvanized steel
  • Forged steel shackles
  • Keyhole cover
  • Locked and unlocked by key

William Squire began lock making in 1780 before most people thought of locking their doors or protecting their belongings. His early products included a small range of mechanism padlocks, door locks, and cabinet locks.

Squire Old English padlocks have 4 lever locking mechanisms with key covers making them excellent for outdoor conditions where normal padlocks would rust, seize and jam. Old English padlocks can be used in the most extreme and harshest of environments such as ocean floors, exposed landscapes, forests, mud and dirt. It's particularly suitable for farms, park gates, sheds, garages, gates and lockups.


  • Size (mm): 62H x 51W x 13D
  • Clearance(mm): 18 Horz. x 18 Vert.
  • Shackle diameter: 8mm
  • Weight: 0.2Kg

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