SPECK Waterwise BT350 Backwash Tank (350L Tank Only)

R 1,289.00

The SPECK Waterwise BT350 Backwash Tank (350L Tank Only) ensures you save water and money by providing an eco-friendly and easy-to-use backwash system.

  • Backwash tank for swimming pool filtration systems
  • Simple design that is easy to use
  • Saves water & money by returning water back into the pool during the filtration process
  • A solid & level base that is free of any sharp objects is recommended for installation
  • Use PVC glue to properly connect all fitting for a leak-free connection

The Speck Pumps Waterwise Backwash Tanks are designed to replace backwashed water that would usually be discarded, thereby saving money. A swimming pool has to be backwashed in order to remove chemical products, sand, dirt, leaves, debris and sunscreen residue from the filtration system. Known as a backwash system, your swimming pool filtration system is cleaned by backwashing the pool water and removes the build-up in the filter.

Speck Pumps, a globally recognized name in the swimming pool, spa and pump industry, have been producing high-quality products in South Africa since 1978.

How it works:

A simple process of connecting the waste line to the inlet connection on the top of the tank, then fitting a return pipe to the fitted valve at the bottom of the tank to the pool, allowing water to be returned to the pool and saved. On completion of the backwash and rinse process, the water is treated in the backwash tank with chlorine and a flocculant and the water is allowed to settle. After 24 hours, the water is pumped from the tank back into the pool. Providing an easy, efficient and eco-friendly process.

Product specifications:

  • Size: 350L
  • Weight: 14kg

What's in the box:

  • 1 x Backwash tank

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