Speck Badu Aquaswim Sand Filter 2

R 3,875.00

Speck Badu Aquaswim Sand Filter 2 for superior quality.

  • Aquaswim sand filter is a seamless, one-piece molded polyethylene tank
  • Filter is robust, reliable and easy to operate
  • Features an automatic internal air relief system and non-corrosive high flow ABS internal components 
  • Fully factory tested
  • 60-month ex-factory warranty from date of purchase 

How does it work?

The AquaSwim sand filter works by allowing the water to cycle through a canister that holds sand. The water simply flows through the sand, however, larger particles are not able to pass through. Once the debris and other particles are filtered out by the sand, the pump passes the clean, filtered water back into the pool.

Speck Pumps, a globally recognized name in the swimming pool, spa and pump industry, have been producing high-quality products in South Africa since 1978.

Technical specifications:

  • Filter in m2: 0.21 
  • Filter size: 20" 
  • Filter sand: 80kg (not included)
  • Weight excl. sand: 13.5Kg 
  • Average pool size: 57 000L 
  • Flow rate in m3/h at 80kPa: 9.5 
  • 4-hour turnover rate: 38 000L 
  • 6-hour turnover rate: 57 000L
  • 8-hour turnover rate: 76 000L 
  • Pool size recommendations: 30 000 - 55 000L
  • Pump size recommendations: 0.45kW
  • Dimensions[h x l x w]: 590 x 860 x 520mm

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