SPECK BADU Logic 150 Saltwater Self-Cleaning Chlorinator (30g/hr Chlorine Output, 220V)

R 12,629.00

The SPECK BADU Logic 150 Saltwater Self-Cleaning Chlorinator (30g/hr Chlorine Output, 220V) is low maintenance and cost-effective compared to other chlorination methods and creates eco-friendly backwash water while maintaining high levels of chlorine efficiency.

  • Saltwater chlorinator that is easy-to-use & low maintenance
  • Enjoy quick electrode inspections with a clear housing
  • Electrodes are efficiently self-cleaned for life & will never erode with a cutting edge cell design
  • Fully factory tested, manufactured to the highest ISO standards with a CE stamp of approval

The BADU®Logic range of self-cleaning saltwater chlorinators provide a healthy alternative to chlorinate your swimming pool. Transform your pool into a lifestyle asset with a BADU®Logic salt chlorinator, ensuring soft, crystal clear water without dry itchy skin and without the red eyes.

Speck Pumps, a globally recognized name in the swimming pool, spa and pump industry, have been producing high-quality products in South Africa since 1978.

Technical image:

    Product specifications:

    • Voltage: 220V, 0.15-0.44amp draw
    • Salt level: 5g/l
    • Chlorine output per hour, at 100%: 30g/hr
    • Minimum flow rate: 45l/min or 2700l/hr
    • Maximum sat level: 13000ppm
    • Maximum temperature: 34°C
    • Maximum operating pressure: 2bar
    • Maximum pool size: 150000l
    • Power pack dimensions [w x l x h]: 80 x 250 x 175mm
    • Cell dimensions [w x l x h]: 120 x 250 x 120mm
    • Weight: 4.75kg
    • Warranty: 12-month ex-factory warranty

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