SPECK BADU Koi Sand Filter 3 With Standard Valve (High Rate, 3 x 40kg Bags of Medium)

R 4,345.00

The SPECK BADU Koi Sand Filter 3 With Standard Valve (High Rate, 3 x 40kg Bags of Medium) Pool is perfect for the koi enthusiast, proving quality and reliability so you can enjoy your koi pond or water feature with little effort.

  • High rate sand filter for koi ponds with a side-mounted multiport valve
  • Equipped with a unique quick-release lid allowing simple manual backwash & maintenance
  • Manufactured as a roto-moulded one-piece polyethene tank - providing added strength & leak-free operation
  • Prevents pressure build-up in the tank with an automatic air relief system
  • Enjoy improved water filtration with twelve angled free flow internal collector arms
  • All components of the filter are non-corrosive, UV resistant & non-toxic
  • Fully factory tested under normal operating conditions

Speck Pumps, a globally recognized name in the swimming pool, spa and pump industry, have been producing high-quality products in South Africa since 1978.

Technical image:

How it works:

Unfiltered water is distributed at the top of the sand filter and sinks through the filter bed. The minute pores ensure that the dirt particles are unable to pass through. This filter technology is particularly suitable for pre-filtration of disinfection equipment, irrigation systems, recirculation systems, preparation for micro and ultrafiltration and groundwater cleaning.

Product specifications:

  • Filter size: 0.27m² (22in)
  • Filter sand: 120kg
  • Filter weight: 16.52kg (excluding sand)
  • Average pool size: 75000L
  • Flow rate at 80kPa: 12.5m³/h
  • 4 Hour turnover rate: 50000L
  • 6 Hour turnover rate: 75000L
  • 8 Hour turnover rate: 100000L
  • Pool or pond size recommendation: 50000 - 85000L pool with 0.75kW pump & 3 filter bags
  • Dimensions [h x l x w]: 630 x 920 x 580mm
  • Warranty: 18 month ex-factory warranty on the tank, multiport valve, lid clamp ring & internal parts

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