SMART POWER Deep Cycle Gel Battery, 100Ah, 12V

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The Smart Power Deep Cycle Gel Battery has a longer design and cycle life than other deep cycle batteries. Their thick-plate electrodes and gel electrolyte make them perfectly suited to applications where the battery will often be taken below 50% capacity.

  • Superior deep cycle life compared to AGM, Calcium or Wet Cell
  • Completely maintenance-free
  • Able to repeatedly accept recharging & be deeply discharged
  • Spill-proof & leak-proof
  • Superior shelf life
  • Battery installation is simple with instructions & cables supplied
  • Once installed, keep your TV, chargers, routers & other devices plugged in with no interruption

The Deep Cycle Gel Battery can be installed into the following Smart Power Systems available on EcoDepot:

Product specifications:

  • Model: 12V 100Ah 10Hr Gel Battery
  • Rated capacity: 100Ah (10Hr)
  • Terminal type: B3 - Bolt & nut lead terminal
  • Bolt type: M8
  • Design life: 10-12 years
  • Operating temperature: -30°C to +50°C 
  • Sealed reaction efficiency: 98%
  • Self discharge: 2.5% per month
  • Battery container: High strength ABS (UL94-HB)
  • Dimensions [l x w x h]: 331 x 172 x 214mm
  • Weight: 29kg


  • Can be installed upright or on side
  • Long design life
  • Certified to CE/ISO/IEC/OHSAS standards
  • High power to weight ratio
  • Rugged & vibration-resistant
  • Double layer post sealing
  • Lowest overall cost-per-month (cost/ months of life)
  • Lowest overall cost-per-cycle (cost/ number of discharges)
  • High sealed reaction efficiency
  • Wide operating temperature
  • High specific energy density
  • High porosity PE separator
  • Good cyclic characteristics with low resistance
  • Valve regulated
  • No memory effect
  • Low self-discharge

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