RYOBI E6013 ProStrike Welding Electrodes (3.25mm, 5kg, 80-120A)

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The RYOBI E6013 ProStrike Welding Electrodes (3.25mm, 5kg, 80-120A) is a general purpose all positional rutile type electrode with exceptionally smooth deposit and stable arc.

  • A rutile general purpose, all positional electrode with excellent fabrication & weldability
  • Suitable for welding light to medium structures where a neat & clean bead appearance is required
  • AC & DC power sources

Ryobi started their operations 60 years ago in Japan and since have become a leading supplier of die-cast aluminium power equipment in the world, creating safe, easy-to-use products that are durable and highly functional.

Product specifications:

  • Application: MMA Welding
  • Diameter: 3.25mm
  • Current: 80-120A
  • Weight: 5kg

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