Ready Made First Flush System With Viewing Window, 4 Litres

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  • The First Flush rainwater filter system will redirect any small or dissolved contaminants from your roof and gutters into a separate pipe chamber, preventing it from entering the tank
  • The first flush of water from the roof can contain amounts of bacteria from decomposed insects, lizards, birds and animal droppings and concentrated tannic acid
  • Convenient viewing window to check the water level
  • Dimensions: 52 x 14 x 14cm

*This kit does not include a PVC T-Piece Fitting, 80mm. If you require one for your installation, please follow the link below and add this to your basket before checking out. 

Ready Made First Flush system with viewing window prevents pollutants from entering your tank. Backed by years of experience, Gutter Guard specialise in water saving products and gutter protection systems.

 How it works:

  • The First Flush device is installed along the gutter downpipe that will feed into the water tank
  • As the water level in the first flush diverter chamber (110mm pipe) rises, the ball floats and rises
  • Once the chamber is full, the ball idles on a seat inside the chamber and prevents any further water entering the diverter 
  • The next flow of clean water is then automatically directed along the pipe system through the T-piece into the rainwater tank
  • It is best to have one First Flush diverter per downpipe, however a single unit can be placed near the tank and perform the first flush for several downpipes


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