PURICOM 300 GPD Reverse Osmosis System With Filmtec Membrane & Pump, 10 Inch - 1140 Litres Per Day

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  • This direct flow RO system eliminates the need for a bulky reservoir and is perfect for use in fridge water dispersers.
  • It eliminates up to 95% of total dissolved solids, +99% of harmful contaminants in water such as bacteria, viruses, lead, radium, chlorine and arsenic
  • With the RO system, you can trust that your drinking water is clean, it tastes and smells great and is clear and healthy
  • It installs neatly under the sink and maintenance is easy 
  • This system can be used to purify up to 1100 Liters (300 Gallons) of filtered water per day.

* RO Systems with Pump is recommended if water pressure is below 3bar. For 300GPD RO without pump see HERE

Perfect for the do-it-yourself user, the entire system fits nicely under a standard kitchen sink. It promotes a healthy lifestyle as the low mineral content water is great for detoxifying your body and also helps to prevent and dissolve kidney stones. Installation is straightforward and all parts necessary for installation are included.

What's in the box?

  • Mounting bracket
  • 10-inch sediment filter
  • 10-inch granular activated carbon
  • 10-inch activated carbon block with 5-micron filter
  • Reverse osmosis membrane
  • 1 plastic housing spanner (special tool for replacing the filters)
  • 1/4 inch white tubing
  • 3 x 10-inch filter housings
  • RO membrane housing
  • Long reach chrome faucet
  • T33 taste and odour filter
  • Pipe fittings (joints, elbows, t-joints, non-return valve, valves)
  • Flow restrictor
  • Plastic pressure protection valve 
  • Filter dimensions: 6.35cm x 25.4cm

Reverse Osmosis System Stages:

  • Stage 1: sediment pre-filter (5 Micron), removes large particles from the water that is visible to the human eye, these particles include mud, rust, dirt, floating particulates or any other large particles
  • Stage 2: activated carbon pre-filter to remove ozone, pesticides, lime and chlorine
  • Stage 3: carbon block pre-filter reduces fine sediment, chlorine taste and the concentration of heavy metals such as lead and copper
  • Stage 4: 300 GPD Filmtec reverse osmosis membrane is what removes particles that are not visible to the human eye, such as pesticides, herbicides, bacteria, viruses, parasites and metals. The membrane is continuously flushed in order to prevent blockage and build-up of bacteria on the membrane
  • Stage 5: Inline GAC filter, a filter with granular activated carbon (GAC) is a proven option to remove certain chemicals, particularly organic chemicals, from the water.  GAC filters also can be used to remove chemicals that give objectionable odours or tastes to water such as hydrogen sulfide (rotten eggs odour) or chlorine

10 Inch Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System 400GPD with Pump

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