Leaf Catcher For Rainwater Harvesting with 80mm -110mm Adaptor, 110mm

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The Gutter Buddy is designed to create simplicity when harvesting rainwater. SA quality PVC moulded leaf catcher filter box has a clip off lid for easy maintenance. Also, the leaf catcher prevents blocked gutters while greatly reducing tank maintenance.

  • Improves the quality of the water in your tank as it reduces the introduction of organic sediment
  • The products are fitted to your existing gutter system to protect the gutters from becoming blocked due to falling vegetation, debris & leaves
  • Easy to install, some are fitted to the top of the gutters, or in some cases slots into the gutter cavity
  • Leaves & debris that are carried along by the water are filtered through the fine screen that further deflects mosquitoes & other insects from entering the water tank
  • Can be used in conjunction with First Flush Systems

*This product includes a standard 80mm Leaf Catcher with an 80mm - 110mm adaptor to be attached to round 110mm PVC downpipes

Product specifications:

  • Dimensions [l x h x w]: 24cm x 19cm x 19cm  
  • Brand: Gutter Guard
  • Colour: White
Watch: How to install a Leaf Catcher for Rainwater Harvesting

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