KLORMAN Compact Chlorine Dispenser - EZGrip

R 539.00
  • Safe, reliable, chlorination, dispensing calcium Hypochlorite solution together with the use of patented HYPOCLOR cartridge, eliminating chlorine gas & liquid bleach
  • Controlled dosing of solid chlorine in water systems, removing odours, slime & algae growth
  • Easily installed - connects to any standard hose for portable use
  • Ideal for Food contact Surfaces & Food Crates, Animal Pens & Carcases, Showers & Floors,  Bio-spills (Ambulances & Mortuaries), Domestic Potable Water Disinfection.

*Worldwide use with USDA/FDA approval and EPA registration

Klorman Compact Chlorine Dispenser - EZGrip is your dispensing and disinfecting solution for Showers & Locker Rooms, Commercial Kitchens, Animal Kennels, Delivery Trucks, Food, Contact Surfaces, Outdoor Maintenance, Food Crates, Environmental Hygiene, Pool Decks, Greenhouses, Marinas & Fishing Boats & Seafood Markets

KLORMAN SOLUTIONS has become a global frontrunner in the advance of durable, sustainable and effective chlorinated disinfection.

How it works:

  • The patented refill design restricts water access on the tablet to deliver steady, optimal release of active ingredient
  • The transparent body construction enables a visible view on tablet erosion

Klorman Compact

What's in the box:

  • Klorman Compact Chlorine Dispenser Unit
  • Adjustable nozzle
  • Shift-off Valve

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