ITS12V-B Hot Water Circulation Pump (10l/min Max Flowrate, 12VDC)

R 825.00

The ITS12V-B Hot Water Circulation Pump (10l/min Max Flowrate, 12VDC) is ideal for a single-family solar thermal system with a solar collector sizing of up to 4m².

  • Heavy-duty hot water circulation pump with low power consumption
  • Durable microprocessor-controlled brushless DC motor that is highly efficient
  • High-temperature Ryton casing & impeller ensure no deformation up to 260°C
  • Operates with a low inrush current with soft start, starting at 2W
  • Equipped with a fine ceramic shaft & robust permanent magnetic impeller
  • Provides maintenance-free, quiet operation with long life brushless motor technology
  • Overload, over-temperature & automatic dry-running protection for added safety

Connect the ITS12B-V hot water circulation pump directly to a 5W or larger photovoltaic panel with its compact size, high efficiency and super low power consumption ensuring optimum operation. Ideal for use with a solar thermal controller for optimum overall thermal efficiency.

ITS is the leading solar water heating and heat pump supplier in South Africa. ITS was founded in 2006 and has grown into an international manufacturer and supplier of solar thermal and heat pumps.

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Product specifications:

  • Working voltage: 8 - 24VDC
  • Power consumption: 2 - 10W
  • Life span: 13 years (normal solar use)
  • Noise: < 42dB
  • Max flow rate: 10l/min
  • Static head: 2.3m
  • Working temperature: 110°C (maximum)
  • Connection ports: ½in brass
  • Max pressure: 10bar
  • Guarantee: 1 year
  • Dimensions [Ø x d x h]: 46 x 84.4 x 105.8mm
  • Weight: 330g

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