ITS Evacuated Tube Solar Collector (15 Tubes, 58 x 1800mm Tube Size)

R 6,825.00

The ITS Evacuated Tube Solar Collector (15 Tubes, 58 x 1800mm Tube Size) is highly efficient with a high thermal output.

  • Highly efficient & manufactured with quality materials for maximum thermal output
  • Designed with a sleek low profile with minimal visual impact & wind resistance
  • Equipped with superior corrosion resistance & freeze resistance withstanding temperatures up to -40°C
  • Quality borosilicate glass ensures the evacuated tubes can withstand hailstones up to 38mm in size
  • Enjoy simple installation & maintenance-free operation
  • Dedicated temperature sensor pocket ensures easy integration with a system controller
  • 5-year warranty ensures peace of mind with a 30-year life expectancy

By combining incredible insulating properties of a vacuum and the latest technology in selective absorptive coatings these evacuated tube solar collectors offer the highest thermal output even under the harshest weather conditions. From sunrise to sunset the round absorber area provides passive solar tracking for optimal and even thermal output.

ITS is the leading solar water heating and heat pump supplier in South Africa. ITS was founded in 2006 and has grown into an international manufacturer and supplier of solar thermal and heat pumps.

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Product specifications:

  • Number of tubes: 15
  • Tube distance: 75mm
  • Aperture area: 1.39m²
  • Absorber area: 1.21m²
  • Total energy rating: 4.17kWhr/m²/day
  • Pipe connections: 22mm
  • Pressure resistance: 6bar
  • Freezing tolerance: -35°C
  • Stagnation temperaute: 250°C
  • Fluid content: 0.98l
  • Tile angle limited: 15 - 75°
  • Heat transfer medium: Water - Glycol solution
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Life expectancy: >25 years
  • Dimensions [l x w x h]: 2000 x 1250 x 110mm
  • Weight: 52kg (empty)

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