HUNTER ACC ADM-99 Decoder Output Module

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Intelligent, flexible, powerful decoder control for the largest landscapes.

  • Decoder output module
  • Converts existing ACC99D controllers to decoder operation 
  • The ADM-99 is included in the ACC99

The ADM-99 may be installed in a stock conventional controller, to convert it to decoder operations. It is also used as a replacement component for repair purposes. ACC controllers (including decoder variations) are always capable of either 120 VAC or 230 VAC operation, and do not require separate versions for international markets. ACC family controllers may be ordered in decoder versions as complete model numbers. Individual decoder output modules (ADM-99) may also be retrofitted to existing controllers, to convert them to decoder operations. However, decoder and conventional output modules may not be installed in the same controller at the same time.

Hunter Industries is a global manufacturer of a full range of high-quality irrigation products from controllers, rotors, rotary sprinklers, spray head sprinklers, nozzles, valves, weather drips and much more.

Product description:

  • Model: ADM-99 = Decoder output module

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