Gutter Brush (26m Length, 100mm Diameter)

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  • Fitting Gutter Brush to the entire gutter prevents leaves from getting into the gutter to block the flow of water
  • It is used to prevent birds and rodents from nesting in the gutters and is ideal for water to be used in the garden
  • When it comes to water harvesting, one of the problems is to carry out primary filtering of leaves and debris in the gutters prior to the water running into the collection tanks
  • A simple highly effective filtration system created by the installation of the brushes in the gutters, ensuring free-flowing gutters
  • Dimensions 1 metre long x 30cm wide x 21cm high. 1.2kg
  • Supplied in 1m lengths
  • Minimum order of 20m

Gutter Brush (bottle brush) is similar to those pokey bristles that prevent birds from landing on things like statues. The bristles face upright so debris can rest on top while water flows into the down-pipes. The leaves then dry and blow off or eventually break down into small pieces to easily pass through the gutter system. 

The bristles are made of 0.75mm UV resistant polypropylene. The core is twisted stainless steel wire. It is suitable for all gutter types as well as unusually shaped gutters and hard to access gutters. It is also effective for rainwater harvesting and preventing hail from blocking the gutters causing them to overflow into the ceiling.

It is supplied in 1-metre lengths and 100mm diameter. Other diameters can be supplied. Pricing is R115 per metre for the standard domestic gutter - 100mm diameter. 

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