GROWATT SPF-5000-ES Inverter Charger (5kW, 48V Battery, 230VAC)

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The GROWATT SPF-5000-ES Inverter Charger (5kW, 48V Battery, 230VAC) is to be used as the core of your solar backup power solution.

  • Pure sine wave inverter charger
  • Built-in MPPT solar charge controller
  • Powerful unit that can handle 10000VA surge power on output, up to 100A max charge current (AC & battery) and 80A PV input
  • Easy setting on the LCD screen for configuring the AC/solar input priority
  • Can be connected to mains or generator
  • Can be paralleled (up to 6 units)
  • Optimized battery performance with a smart battery charger design 

Product specifications:

  • Model: SPF 5000 ES
  • Battery voltage: 48VDC
  • Humidity: 5 - 95% relative humidity (non-condensing)
  • Operating temperature: 0 - 55°C
  • Storage temperature: -15 to 60°C
  • Dimension [d x w x h]: 485 x 330 x 135mm
  • Net weight: 12kg

Inverter output specifications:

  • Rated power: 5000VA/5000W
  • Parallel capacity: Yes, 6 units
  • AC voltage regulation: 230VAC ± 5% & 5060Hz (battery mode)
  • Surge power: 10000VA
  • Efficiency: 93% (peak)
  • Waveform: Pure sine wave
  • Transfer time: 10ms (for personal computers) 20ms (for home appliances)

Solar charger specifications:

  • Maximum PV array power: 5500W
  • MPPT range @ operating voltage: 120 - 430VDC
  • Max PV array open-circuit voltage: 450VDC
  • Max solar charge current: 100A
  • Max efficiency: 97%

AC charger specifications:

  • Charge current: 80A
  • AC input voltage: 230VAC
  • Selectable voltage range: 170 - 280VAC (for personal computers); 90 - 280VAC (for home appliances)
  • Frequency range: 50/60Hz (auto sensing)

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