GEYSERWISE PTC AC/DC Element for 150L/200L Geyser with PV Water Heating System

R 2,564.00

GEYSERWISE PTC Element, 2.0kW (230V AC), 900W (48-72V DC), can be used in 150L or 200L Geysers with PV Water Heating Systems. Get your water heating system off-grid with no plumbing and no maintenance.

  • Save electricity (+/-15%) by replacing your traditional resistive heating element with the Geyserwise PTC Element
  • Temperature limiting characteristics ensure safety
  • Compact, self-regulating & energy efficient
  • Dry burn: can operate in dry air
  • For use in 150L/200L Geyser with PV Water Heating System
  • Lasts up to ten years

This PTC element can be fitted on the following geysers, with PV Water Heating Systems:

GeyserWise has designed an immersion heater element that offers inherent safety and improved functionality over typical resistance-wire heaters. The heating element makes use of Positive Thermal Coefficient (PTC) chips as the heat source – Heating elements made with PTC chips do not use resistance wire as a source of heat. PTC heating elements are ceramic chips that have self-limiting temperature characteristics. As the PTC chips heat up it reaches a designed temperature at which the heat output decreases substantially and stops it from getting hotter. As ambient temperature increases and less heat is lost the resistance of the element will increase culminating in a near-zero current draw at its designated temperature. The dynamic resistance and output of PTC heaters makes them an excellent choice for providing controlled electric heating. In many applications, it is possible to do away entirely with thermostatic controls. Simplification of design and reduced energy consumption represent significant cost savings for a given application. The removal of failure-prone components such as thermostats can also add significantly to the reliability of a product. Safety is an added benefit, since no matter how much current is applied to the PTC; it will never surpass its intended surface temperature.

Based in Cape Town & started in 2004 by Meinhard Fourie, Geyserwise found a need in the market for measuring, managing and minimising electrical consumption of the everyday residential electric geyser. An electric geyser represents about 40% of the power consumption of an average South African household: Geyserwise products enable tangible savings of hundreds of rands every month. Geyserwise products can also optimise the operation of solar geysers. All products are designed and manufactured in South Africa using durable materials.

Product specifications:

  • Resistance at 25˚C (Ω): 30-100
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Rated voltage, AC: 230V
  • Max voltage, AC: 265V
  • Inrush current: ≤17A
  • Surface temperature: 240±10˚C
  • Power, AC: 2000W±10%
  • Voltage range, DC: 48-72V
  • Power, DC: 900W±10%
  • Length: 305mm±2
  • Diameter (ø): 35±0.5mm

What's in the box:

  • 1 x PTCW004 2.0W, (230V AC)/ 900W (48-72V DC)
  • Flange & sensor tube not included

Geyserwise Introduction Diagram

Geyserwise Introduction Diagram

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Ask a Question
  • Can the PTC AC/DC element be controlled by the TSE geyser control kit if so must I just buy solar panels with.

    Dear valued customer,

    The PTC (AC/DC) element can be controlled via the TSE, Max, or Delta controllers.
    The TSE controller is used when you do not have a pumped geyser system (i.e. AC mains or PV solar powered geysers).

  • If you have a borehole water without a filter,which metal type of element must you buy for your gyser. I have experienced that some elements burst easy. I want to install a long lasting gyser element. Tnx


    For “hard water” you require the titanium element. We have the 1.5kw AC, 2kw, 1.5kw AC/DC & 2kW AC/DC titanium elements

    Feel free to contact us 
    021 204 7033