FILMTEC BW30-4040 Reverse Osmosis Replacement Membrane for Brackish Water 2400GPD

R 4,675.00

FILMTEC BW30-4040 is the industry standard 20 x 4 inch membrane for reliable operation of a reverse osmosis system in brackish water applications. It is rated at 2400GPD (9100 Litres per day) and 99.5% stabilized salt rejection. This RO membrane is protected by a hard exterior shell and is used in light industrial systems. Its advanced technological design is manufactured for excellent structural stability and more productivity than other elements.

  • Industry reference for 20 x 4 inch RO membrane for brackish water
  • Excellent specs of 2400GPD and 99.5% salt rejection under standard test conditions
  • Hard exterior shell
  • Durable with good cleanability for long element life

FILMTEC™ is a brand of DuPont de Nemours (after merger with DOW Chemical), the giant chemicals manufacturer from the USA. FILMTEC™ reverse osmosis membranes are manufactured in an ISO 9002 certified plant using advanced precision manufacturing technology and high-quality raw materials, to achieve high strength, durability, and consistency. All membranes are quality-controlled, with visual and vacuum testing of glue lines and wet testing to confirm rejection and flow performance.

Product specifications:

  • Part number: 80783 
  • Permeate flow rate gpd (m3/d):  2,400 (9.1)
  • Stabilized salt rejection (%): 99.5 
  • Outer dimensions in Inches, length x diameter: 40.0 (1016mm) x 3.9 (99mm)
  • Feed and brine outlet dimensions in Inches, length x diameter: 1.05 (26.7mm) x 0.75 (19mm)
  • Outer wrap: hard fiberglass outer shell

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