ELLIES FBIT2000 2000VA Modified Sinewave Inverter with Trolley & 2 x Batteries, 1200W, 24V

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The FBIT2000 Modified Sinewave Inverter is ideal for backup applications. During load shedding and power outages, the UPS Inverter automatically supplies power to connected appliances for a period of time, based on power consumption.

  • Energy-efficient inverter/ UPS  
  • Easy to move around - mobile trolley system
  • Plug & play system
  • Multifunction LCD display & buzzer alarm
  • Ideal for home & office use - indoors only
  • Auto-restart during AC recovery to prevent damage

The UPS Inverter plugs directly into mains power to charge batteries.

The FBIT2000 Inverter can typically run a small LED TV (50W), a satellite (30W), a DVD player (65-175W), an alarm (20W), a LED lamp (5 x 5W) and a mobile phone (5W) for about 9 hours or more. 

What's in the box?

  • 1 x 1200W/2000VA Inverter/UPS
  • 2 X 100Ah maintenance-free batteries
  • Metal enclosure for battery
  • Wheels for mobility

The Ellies Group was formed in 1979 and is one of South Africa's leading manufacturer, importer, wholesaler and distributor of high-quality products and solutions in the residential and commercial sectors. Their product range consists of electrical, lighting, aerial and satellite equipment, accessories and hardware.

FBIT1000 has the following inputs:

  • Grid power – 230V AC
  • Battery – 24V DC

Product specifications:

  • Model: FBIT2000
  • Type: Inverter – Modified Sine Wave
  • Output power: 220V AC
  • Continuous output power: 2000VA/1200W
  • Selectable mains transfer voltage range
  • Automatic transfer switch – gives unit a UPS function
  • Low battery alarm
  • Battery charger: 10A/20A selectable; Intelligent 2-stage for efficient charging
  • Battery overcharge protection
  • Transfer time – 10 to 20ms
  • Protections: Deep discharge & overcharge; short circuit; over- and under-voltage; battery short circuit
  • Warranty: 1-year warranty for the inverter & casing; 3-month warranty for the battery

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