DAB JET SMART 82M Composite Automatic Pressure Boosting Pump & SMART PRESS Controller (0.6kW, 0.8hp, 220V)

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The DAB JET SMART 82M Composite Automatic Pressure Boosting Pump Set is an innovative, variable speed integrated electric pump control system, able to maintain constant pressure with changing flow rates. Thanks to its simple and clear user interface, it is easy to calibrate operational pressure, view settings, and any error messages.

  • The unit with active driver is designed & manufactured to meet the needs for constant pressure required by modern plumbing systems
  • Constant pressure regulation is applicable to many sectors: water supply for irrigation, hotels, housing construction, thermal baths
  • The basic concept that guided our engineers in the development of these units was to manufacture a system that is simple, flexible & reliable
  • Constant pressure, quiet operation, economical, reduced water consumption, smaller footprint
  • Less maintenance, dry-running protection, complete protection of the pump from faults

For over 40 years, DAB has been a main player in the sector of the technologies for the movement and management of our most precious resource, water.

DAB JET SMART 82 M performance curveDAB JET SMART 82 M performance curve

Technical data:

  • P2 Nominal: 0.6kW, 0.8hp
  • Operating range: from 10 to 120L/min with head up to 59m
  • Liquid quality requirements: Clean, free from solid or abrasive contaminants, non-viscous, non-aggressive, uncrystallized & chemically neutral, close to the properties of water
  • Liquid temperature range:(for domestic use) from 0°C to 35°C (for other uses) from 0°C to 40°C
  • Maximum ambient temperature: +40°C
  • Maximum operating pressure: 6 bar (600 kPa) for Jetcom AD1 and Eurocom AD1.8 bar (800 kPa) for other models
  • Installation: fixed in a horizontal position
  • Motor protection rating: IP44
  • Terminal block protection rating: IP55
  • Insulation class: F
  • Standard input voltage: Single-phase 220/240V / 50Hz
  • Electric pump voltage: Three-phase 220/240V - 50Hz
  • Dimensions [l x w x h]: 500 x 240 x 470mm 

For technical specifications, please download the product brochures.

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