DAB FEKA Submersible Water Pump For Dirty Water BVP 750M (0.75kW, 220V)

R 4,125.00
  • Powerful submersible pump designed for pumping foul water containing solid particles of up to 38mm in diameter
  • Anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation materials
  • Wear-resistant motor shaft and impeller
  • Excellent motor cooling to allow the pump to run even when only partially submerged
  • Equipped with float switch for automatic starting and stopping

The FEKA BVP is submersible pumps for draining and emptying applications. Strong, robust and very reliable!

For over 40 years, DAB has been a main player in the sector of the technologies for the movement and management of our most precious resource, water.

DAB FEKA BVP 750M performance curve:

DAB FEKA BVP 750M performance curve image

Technical Specs:

  • P2 nominal: 0.75kW | HP 1.0
  • Max head: 12m
  • Max flow: 300l/min
  • Liquid temperature range: From 0 °C to +35 °C
  • Pumped liquid: Dirty water with maximum solid particle size 38mm
  • Max. immersion depth: 7m
  • Dimensions: 240mm diameter x 400mm height

For technical specifications, please download the product brochure

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