COELBO SWITCHMATIC TK1 Electronic Pressure Switch (Auto Restart, 16A, 230V)

R 1,149.00

The COELBO SWITCHMATIC TK1 Electronic Pressure Switch (Auto Restart, 16A, 230V) ensures you have constant water pressure while using a tap by automating the start/stop function of the water pump if there is a drop in pressure.

  • Electronic pressure switch with digital display of pressure in bar & psi
  • Provides simple adjustment of pressure between 0 - 8bar
  • Safe operation with automatic restart, dry-run protection & fast-cycling protection
  • Multi-voltage power supply with sleep mode & low power consumption
  • Equipped with a manual start push-button and no/nc mode for differential or inversed pressure switch

An electronic pressure switch prevents major damage from occurring to a pump or motor by stopping the pump from running when there is a loss of water supply or a pump is jammed by a foreign object, ensuring the service life of the pump or motor unit is extended.

COELBO was established in 1988 and has since become a worldwide industrial pioneer in the field of electric pumps. They specialise in developing devices for automation, control and protection. 

Product specifications:
  • Model: TK1 Switchmatic
  • Input voltage: 115 - 230V
  • Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Maximum current: 16A
  • Adjustable pressure: 0 - 8bar (0 - 116psi)
  • Connection: 1in/1in x 2

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