CENTURION Sector II 3 Auto Traffic Barrier Operator with Loop Detector (Brushed Stainless Steel)

R 28,709.00

The CENTURION Sector II 3 Auto Traffic Barrier Operator with Loop Detector (Brushed Stainless Steel) can raise its pole in an impressive 1.2 seconds, ensuring your entrance is secure while allowing high volumes of traffic.

  • High volume traffic barrier operator that can handle up to 3000 cycles per day
  • Equipped with battery backup, collision sensing & high-torque boom pole operation for added safety
  • Housing is durable grade 316 brushed stainless steel with high-visibility & simple access to the electronics
  • Ensures a secure & neat installation with a user-friendly LCD interface for easy setup
  • Allows wireless operation with code-hopping technology & a Centurion onboard receiver that is multi-channel & multi-user
  • ChronoGuard timer technology allows the setting of many time-based operations for added safety & convenience
  • Provides high corrosion protection, therefore suitable for marine areas
  • Includes a responsive & highly sensitive Flux SA inductive loop vehicle detector that prevents false triggering caused by changing environmental conditions

Centurion Systems is South Africa's leader in access automation. They manufacture an award-winning range of products used to control the access of vehicles and people in and out of residential and industrial properties. Centurion is known for its reliable products designed to maximise safety and convenience.

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Traffic barrier specifications:

  • Model: Sector II 3 grade 316 Flux SA - yellow
  • Input voltage: 220VAC ± 10% @ 50Hz
  • Motor voltage: 12VDC
  • Motor power supply: Battery-driven (standard capacity - 7Ah)
  • Battery charger: CP84SM - 1.8A @ 13.7 ± 1%
  • Current consumption: 170mA (mains supply)
  • Current consumption: 1/12A (motor rated/peak load)
  • Current consumption: 75mA (quiescent load)
  • Requires 3m boom pole (not included)
  • Boom pole raise time: 1.2sec
  • Maximum daily cycles: 3000 cycles/day
  • Design life: 2000000 cycles
  • Half-day: 3000 cycles
  • Full day: 3000 cycles
  • Collision sensing: Electronic
  • Operating temperature: -15 to 50°C
  • Degree of protection: IP54
  • Controller incorporated: S-Series_12
  • Onboard receiver type: NOVA code-hopping onboard multichannel
  • Receiver frequency: 433MHz
  • Receiver code storage capacity: 500 buttons
  • Package dimensions [l x w x h]: 440 x 350 x 1250mm
  • Mass of unit: 44kg (including pole)

    Loop detector specifications:

    • Model: Flux SA
    • Supply voltage: 10 - 40VDC, 7 - 28VAC
    • Standby current: 50mA
    • Output relay rating: 1A @ 125VAC
    • Detection time: 4ms @ 100kHz loop frequency, 10ms @ 40kHz loop frequency
    • Visual LED indicators: Showing power; loop fault & loop detection level
    • Audible indicators: Buzzer with indication of loop detection level & loop fault
    • Detector timer range: 15 - 1500μH
    • Protection: Isolation transformer with 10kA lightning protection
    • Connectors: Removable connectors for ease of maintenance
    • IP rating: IP50
    • Dimensions [l x w x h]: 105 x 60 x 26mm
    • Weight: 85g

    What's in the box:

    • 1 x Yellow brushed stainless steel casing
    • 1 x Printed circuit board (PCB)
    • 1 x 2A SM charger
    • 1 x 7Ah battery
    • 1 x Multichannel NOVA Rx
    • 1 x Flux SA vehicle loop detector
    • Boom pole not included

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