CENTURION D5-Evo Sliding Gate Kit (4m Nylon Angled Rack, 1 x 7Ah Battery, 500kg)

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The CENTURION D5-Evo Sliding Gate Kit (4m Nylon Angled Rack, 1 x 7Ah Battery, 500kg) is the ideal solution for domestic and light industrial sliding gates, capable of moving a gate that weighs up to 500kg, combining battery backup, potent push force and an intelligent LCD controller for optimal security and convenience.

  • Sliding gate kit that can move a 500kg gate safely & quickly with a top speed of 18 - 22m/min
  • Battery backup ensures failure protection & operation control allowing acceleration & deceleration setting to your liking
  • Quick & easy installation with an LCD based controller & endless operating features for a custom sliding gate setup
  • Operate wirelessly with code-hopping technology, multichannel & multi-user onboard receiver storing up to 500 transmitter buttons & access control features
  • Equipped with an ambush alarm & break-in alarm for added safety
  • Enjoy peace of mind with a 24-month warranty
  • Includes a standard capacity 12V 7Ah battery & 4m nylon angled rack

Centurion Systems is South Africa's leader in access automation. They manufacture an award-winning range of products used to control the access of vehicles and people in and out of residential and industrial properties. Centurion is known for its reliable products designed to maximise safety and convenience.

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Product specifications:

  • Model: D5-Evo kit
  • Input voltage: 90 - 240VAC ± 10% 50Hz
  • Current consumption: 170mA (mains)
  • Battery charger current output: 90VAC input - 1A output, 240VAC input - 2.2A output
  • Maximum number of operations per day: 150
  • Duty cycle: 50% (mains present)
  • Motor voltage: 12VDC
  • Motor power supply: Battery-driven (standard capacity - 12V 7Ah)
  • Current consumption: 10A (motor at rated load)
  • Motor push force: 30kgf (starting)
  • Motor push force: 17kgf (rated)
  • Maximum gate mass: 500kg
  • Maximum gate length: 100m
  • Gate speed: up to 18 - 22m/min @ 17kgf (varies with load)
  • Manual override: Lockable with key release
  • Operations in stand-by with 6Ah battery: Half day: 44, full-day: 35
  • Collision sensing: Electronic
  • Operating temperature range: -15 to 50°C
  • Receiver code storage capacity: 500 transmitter buttons
  • Receiver frequency: 433MHz
  • Degree of protection: IP55
  • Package dimensions [d x w x h]: 231 x 303 x 432mm
  • Weight: 10kg

What's in the box:

  • 1 x D5 Evo operator
  • 2 x 4 button Centurion transmitters
  • 1 x Foundation plate
  • 1 x Controller
  • 1 x 2A chargers
  • 1 x 7Ah batteries
  • 4m x Nylon angled rack

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