Big Blue Water Filtration System With Advanced 65W Germicidal UV Sterilizer, Includes 2 Sets Of Sediment & Carbon Block Filters

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Improve your water supply with the whole house 3-stage Big Blue water filtration system, coupled with a 65W WONDER® germicidal UV sterilizer to ensure a high kill rate at higher flow rates. This water filtration system is perfectly suited to purify rainwater and municipal water that may have been contaminated by bacteria or protozoa (including E.coli and Giardia).

  • WONDER® UV bulbs are high quality European manufactured bulbs with guaranteed germicidal irradiation for 8000hrs
  • Includes a premium control box with a built-in timer, led display and audible alarm for lamp management
  • Flow rate of over ±2720 litres per hour (equivalent to 5 large taps open simultaneously)
  • Sediment filters remove unwanted particles such as sand, algae, rust, mud, slime while activated carbon filters remove chlorine and organic compounds, they also improve taste, colour and odour of water
  • UV (Ultra Violet) light disinfects water by neutralizing from harmful bacteria, protozoa and spores

WONDER® germicidal UV sterilizer carries a 2-year warranty (excluding lamp & quartz sleeve due to the fragile nature of the glass)
3 Stage Big Blue carries a 12-month warranty

The system comes with 2 sets of 3 filter cartridges (5-micron sediment filter, carbon block filter, 1-micron sediment filter) suitable for most rainwater and municipal water filtration needs in South Africa. The first set of cartridges is fitted into the system, the second one is a replacement set.

Filter cartridges must be replaced every 6 months or when water pressure drops.
The 65W UV bulb must be replaced every 12 months.
It is always recommended that installations are done by certified plumbers.
This system IS NOT designed to filter borehole water. Please, contact us for borehole water treatment advice.

NSF Certification

The NSF mark is your assurance that the product has been tested by one of the most respected independent certification organizations in existence today. It is valued by consumers, manufacturers, retailers & regulatory agencies worldwide.

What you get:

  • 3 x 20 Inch Big Blue filter housings
  • 1 x Mounting frame
  • 2 x 5-micron 20-inch Big Blue sediment filters, NSF Certified
  • 2 x 20-inch Big Blue carbon block filters, NSF Certified
  • 2 x 1-micron 20-inch Big Blue sediment filters, NSF Certified
  • 1 x 65W WONDER® germicidal UV sterilizer with premium control box, NSF Certified
  • *The filter cartridges supplied with this unit are not labelled and are already in the correct sequence for filtering
  • Big Blue cartridge dimensions [w x h]: 11.4cm x 50.8cm
  • Pipe fittings size: 1" NPT

Please note, that because of this product being couriered, the UV light is not preinstalled on the system due to the fragile nature of the UV bulb. Installation is required. The Big Blue housings come fitted with a first set of filter cartridges mounted in the correct sequence (5-micron, carbon block, 1-micron): DO NOT take the cartridges out as they are not labelled.

20-inch Big Blue filter cartridge dimensions

3 Stage Whole House 20 Inch Water Filter System With UV Filter, Sediment Filters & Carbon Block Filter

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