Big Blue Water Filter Housing, 20 Inch, 1 Inch port With CTO Carbon Block & Epoxy Coated Mounting Bracket

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The Big Blue Water Filtration kit constitutes an effective filtration system, removing chlorine, bad taste and organic materials. It is designed for Big Blue filtration cartridges (20 x 4.5 Inch) and provides a highly durable system.

  • Includes a 20 Inch Big Blue Water Filter Housing (1 Inch port), a CTO carbon block and a wall mounting bracket
  • CTO carbon block greatly reduces the taste & smell of chlorine & filters out organic materials and some pollutants
  • CTO carbon block is enclosed in a 5-micron filter membrane

*Should not be installed in direct sunlight

How does it work?

Water from the mains is connected to the inlet port of the Big Blue Water Filter Housing unit. The water is directed downwards through the filter cartridge within the unit. This process removes unwanted contaminants, determined by the type of cartridge fitted inside the housing. The water then flows upwards through the centre of the cartridge and through the outlet port, and supplies filtered water.

Activated carbon is treated or activated with oxygen to give it tiny holes and make it absorbent like a sponge. This solid block of porous carbon creates a chemical reaction when water passes through which absorbs chlorine and other organic materials. There is a 5-micron membrane surrounding the activated carbon block filter to trap any particles that may detach during the water filtration process. 

Big Blue housing specifications:

  • Filter housing color: blue
  • Filter housing size: 20 Inch Big Blue (/Fat/Jumbo), i.e. 20 x 4.5 Inch
  • Inlet/Outlet port sizes: Female 1 Inch / 25mm thread
  • Maximum pressure: 6 bar / 90psi
  • Operating temperature range: 4 - 38°C

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