Aluminium Gutter Guard Mesh 5m

R 225.00
  • This gutter guard system uses expanded aluminium mesh, 6mm x 4mm diamond holes, 1mm thick and standard 140mm wide to fit most domestic gutters
  • Supplied in 1.25m lengths
  • Mesh gutter guards are expanded metal sheets filled with holes that cover the gutter sifting out all the debris but lets the water fall down into the gutter
  • Best attached to the outside edge of the gutter with self-tapping screws (screws are supplied)
  • Can be fitted to most gutter systems including plastic PVC and extruded steel gutters, very easy to install

The simplest and easiest way to protect your gutters and downpipes from becoming blocked up with leaves and debris is to install the gutter guard. This aluminium mesh is a long lasting solution to your gutter blockage problems. A gutter guard can be fitted to most gutter systems. Easily be cut and trimmed to size with good scissors or tin snips. Includes self-tapping screws.


  • Clean out your effected gutters so that there is no debris present and ensure that the gutters and downpipes are free-flowing
  • Place the mesh over the gutter as depicted in the pictures
  • Place the mesh as far under the roof sheeting or tiles as possible for extra sturdiness and firmness and to save trimming the outside of the mesh
  • Screw the mesh to the outside lip of the gutter every 350mm (or as required) to secure the mesh in place. No pre-hole drilling is required, screws should tap straight in. Easiest to use a battery drill

Tip: Use gloves to protect your hands. Overlap the mesh slightly where it joins to prevent leaves becoming trapped in that area. For a single-story building, install standing on a step ladder or scaffolding.

Aluminium Gutter Mesh – R45 per metre



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