Ajax Relay, Dry Contact

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  • Allows for one-click mobile app control of domestic, low-current electronics and appliances
  • Used for controlling lighting, electric locks, gate motors, garage doors and other low current equipment
  • Automatic shutoff during surges and overheating
  • 7-24VDC voltage source
  • Installed in junction boxes, distribution boards and enclosures

The Ajax Relay allows you to control low current devices using the Ajax app. Founded in 2011, Ajax Systems is a tech company who puts cutting edge solutions into their devices, which are sold worldwide.

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Product specifications:

  • Wireless radio channel relay
  • Compatibility: Hub and Hub Plus only
  • Actuating element: Electromagnetic relay
  • Relay service life: Up to 200 000 switches
  • Input voltage protection: Max - 36.5V and Min - 6.5V (No maximum current protection installed)
  • Maximum load current: 5A at 36VDC and 13A at 230VAC
  • Energy consumption check: Voltage
  • Power supply: 7 - 24 VDC only
  • Operating temperature: 0°С to +64°С (Automatic shuttoff when Relay overheats)
  • Humidity: 75%
  • Ingress protection: IP20


Package contents:

  • Relay
  • Installation set
  • User guide

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