Ajax FireProtect Plus Smoke, Carbon Monoxide and Heat Detector

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  • Built-in 85dB siren for independant operation
  • Registers smoke, dangerous carbon monoxide levels and sharp temperature fluctuations
  • Notifies user of the need to clean the smoke chamber
  • Tamper alarm
  • Easy installation and activation

Ajax FireProtect Plus Smoke, Carbon Monoxide and Heat detector for peace of mind. Founded in 2011, Ajax Systems is a tech company who puts cutting edge solutions into their devices, which are sold worldwide. 

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How it works:

  • A camera, chemical element and photoelectric sensor are used to detect smoke and carbon monoxide within a room
  • If no smoke or CO is detected, an additional detector measures for temperature fluctuations
  • The FireProtect Plus can operate independently of the Ajax Hub, emitting a fire alarm by utilizing the built-in siren

Product specifications:

  • Wireless fire and carbon monoxide detector with temperature sensor for indoor use
  • Compatibility: Hub, Hub Plus, ocBridge Plus and uartBridge
  • Sensor type: Photoelectric, carbon monoxide and temperature sensor
  • Activation threshold: +54°С to +65°С
  • Battery: 3V - 2 x CR2 & CR2032 backup battery
  • Humidity: 80%
  • Certification: CE 1922

Package contents:

  • FireProtect wireless leak detector
  • 2x CR2 batteries
  • 1x CR2032 backup battery
  • Installation set
  • User guide

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