55W UV Sterilizer Complete Set, 960mm, 2700 LPH

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R 2,499.00
R 1,699.00
  • Ultraviolet sterilizers clean water and kill bacteria such as E. coli
  • 55W UV sterilizing filter has the capacity of sterilizing up to 2700 litres per hour
  • Can be added onto existing whole house water filter systems
  • Simple and easy to install and maintain

Follow the links below for all replacement parts for your 55W UV Sterilizer Set:

Adding a UV sterilizer onto a water filtration system is a well-known practice in domestic, commercial and industrial applications. This post filter is essential for purifying water that has been exposed to contaminants such as cysts, bacteria, coliform, flu, salmonella, polio, giardia, dysentery, e.coli, cholera, cryptosporidium, meningitis, typhoid, infectious, fever and hepatitis. 

*It is always recommended that installations are done by certified plumbers

**Due to the sensitive nature of electrical products, consumables such as bulbs and ballasts do not carry a warranty. It is recommended that you install surge protectors to avoid premature failure of these items

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  • I recently purchased your big blue system with the 55w uv sterilizer light. When the water has not run for a while the unit get quite warm. Is this correct or should the unit go off when when not in use?

    Hi, the unit does get quite warm when water is not running thourgh, but you should keep it on. If you switch it off and on again, water initially going through the unit won't be purified correctly as the bulb takes a few minutes to warm up.