5-Inch Bio Magnet Filter Cartridge

R 125.00

The 5-Inch Bio Magnet Filter Cartridge may prevent scale and provides crystal clear water.

  • 5in magnetic filter that may prevent scale
  • Nanometer magnetized energy filter
  • Enjoy crystal clear water with increased light penetration, spectrum & intensity
  • Equipped with a ¼in female threaded inlet & outlet

How it works:
Fine suspended particles like algae, silt & bacteria cause cloudiness in the water, these particles usually carry a negative charge like most filter media which repels these particles and water can remain continually cloudy. Bio Magnet uses a positive electrical charge as a bacterial attractant & this unique formula quickly seeks out and encapsulates the suspended particles, allowing the positively charged particles to be drawn to the filter. Particles caught in the filter are broken down by bacteria, and suspended bacteria are now repositioned onto strata where they are most effective, providing Crystal clear water.

Product specifications:

  • Maximum flow: 3.8l/min
  • Maximum pressure: 8.6bar
  • Maximum temperature: 37°C
  • Service life: 5700l

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