30W UV Sterilizer Complete Set, 1800 LPH

R 2,775.00
  • Ultraviolet sterilizers clean water and kills bacteria such as E. coli
  • 30W UV sterilizing filter has the capacity of sterilizing up to 1800 litres per hour
  • The Ultraviolet light bulb needs replacement once a year, as it will start to become less effective at killing bacteria and other micro-organisms. 
  • This system can be used to sterilize rain water, but additional pre-treatments need to be used when using it with bore hole water
  • The UV light is designed to operate 24hours a day, but a timer can be installed at the plug point if you prefer the light to not run all day

A UV sterilizer is used to control free-floating algae and kill free-floating microorganisms, however UV water purification by itself is not enough to provide completely safe drinking water. That is because UV radiation works only on microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses, but does not work to eliminate contaminants such as chlorine, heavy metals and VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds)

Technical specs:

  • Filters: Water only
  • Removes: Bacteria, micro-organisms
  • Flow rate (LPH): 1800L p/hr
  • Maximum operating pressure: 90psi /6 Bar
  • UV Lamp: 30W Phillips UV lamp with SDE-030 with ballast

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