20 Inch Big Blue Filter Housing With Bracket And Wrench

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  • 20-inch Big Blue filter housing for high flow rate applications
  • Includes bracket, wrench and 1-inch ports with brass inlet and outlet
  • Best used with Big Blue filter cartridges. 
  • Install multiple big blue housings in series with a custom selection of cartridges for your desired filtration requirements

*It is always recommended that installations are done by certified plumbers

Big Blue 20 Inch filter housing is an easy and inexpensive post tank filter housing that removes redundant particles from water. It has a large filtration capacity, therefore no water is wasted. Cartridges suitable for this item include the 1-micron sediment filters, 5-micron sediment filters, and 25-micron sediment filters, as well as the CTO activated carbon block filter and the granular activated carbon (GAC) filter.

For drinking water purposes, the filter should only be installed after adequate disinfection of unsafe water. The filter does not remove bacteria, micro-organisms, minerals, kalk, metals or pesticides from the water. A UV light should be used when filtering drinking water.

If you suspect that your water pressure will exceed 80psi then a pressure protect valve should be installed before the system to prevent damage from high pressure. The filter has a maximum operating pressure of 90psi and it is recommended that the pressure regulator is set at 70psi or less. Filters need to be replaced every 3-6 months.


11.4cm x 50.8cm

20 Inch Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) Water Filter Cartridge

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