Disc Filter, 50mm (2 Inch), 130 Micron

R 389.00

The 2-Inch (50mm) Disc Filter, 130 Micron will remove large sediment and ensure an extended lifespan for the filters that follow.

  • Removes large sediment
  • Easy installation
  • Easy maintenance
  • No need for the replacement of filter cartridges

Disc Filters are washable pre-filters that extend the lifetime of the filters that follow. During the filtration process, filtration discs are tightly compressed together by the springs power and the differential pressure, providing high filtration efficiency.

*Please note that Disc Filters does not filtrate fine enough to remove bacteria or heavy metals from water.

Product specifications:

  • Pressure maximum for water (m): 120
  • Flow rate maximum for 130um to 400um: 15m³/h
  • Flow rate maximum for 55um: 12m³/h
  • Filtration area: 950cm²
  • Filtration volume: 1225cm³
  • Outer diameter of filter element: 115mm
  • Temperature range: 1 – 70°C
  • PH range: 4 – 11
  • Filtration: 130-Micron

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