What is UltraFiltration Water Purification?

September 9, 2019
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What is UltraFiltration Water Purification and how does it work?

UltraFiltration water purification (UF) is an efficient system that relies on feeding water through a filter that blocks any particle that has a diameter bigger than 0.2-0.5 micron from passing through. UF removes all types of bacteria, parasites, chlorine and protozoa and only allows healthy water and minerals through.

It does not remove low molecular-weight organics and ions such as sodium, magnesium chloride, calcium and sulfate. The filter can present itself in different forms - it can be used for under counter filters used in kitchens, or for mineral pots. UF water filtration systems often use a ceramic block through which the water goes, removing any particles and impurities. Click here to see Recommended UltraFiltration Systems & Mineral Pots.

What are the different stages of a typical UltraFiltration system?

Stage 1: The Sediment pre-filter (5 to 20 micron) removes large particles from the water, including mud, dirt, sand, rust, floating particulates or any other large particles.

Stage 2: The granular activated carbon (GAC) water filter is a cartridge filled with broken up carbon granules which have  been treated with oxygen: that filter is a proven way to remove certain pollutants from water. They also remove chemicals that give bad tastes or smells such as chlorine or hydrogen sulfide (rotten eggs smell) to generally improve the quality of your water.

Stage 3: The carbon block with a 5 micron filter is a block of carbon that will remove any chlorine or organic molecules that may have passed the second stage. Its also features a 5-micron filter block any carbon dust that may have broken off during the second stage.

Stage 4: The UltraFiltration membrane or ceramic filter, typically rated at 0.2 or 0.5 micron, removes all bacteria and other parasites.

Stage 5: The taste and odour filter does exactly what it sounds like, it removes any remaining molecules that can cause a bad taste in the water, leaving you with pure, great tasting water.

What are the benefits of UltraFiltration Water Purification?

  • UF is very safe to block pathogens. If your water is not polluted with heavy metals or chemical compounds, it is a very efficient way of filtering your water
  • When combined with sediment and carbon filters, UF provides clean and great tasting water
  • Easy maintenance and installation
  • Very cost-effective
  • No water wastage, unlike Reverse Osmosis systems
  • No chlorine or other chemicals required

How do you install an UltraFiltration Water Purification System?

UltraFiltration Systems are very easy to install. For under counter systems, water purification systems are installed underneath kitchen sinks in line with your municipal water supply for the water to flow through the filters and ultra-filtration membrane. However, the flow is a bit limited. It can be combined with a small pressure vessel to hold 5 to 20 liters of water.

Mineral pots are also very effective, inexpensive and can be placed on top of kitchen counters. You would need to manually supply the pot with water, which drips and gets filtered into the container below it. The water can then be dispensed from a spout.

What are the costs of UltraFiltration Water Purification Systems?

Costs vary between R1000 to R2000 for a domestic, under counter UF water purification system. Costs of mineral water pots range between R500 to R1000.

Prices are from 2019, in South Africa.

Recommended UltraFiltration Systems & Mineral Pots

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