Shipping Costs

The shipping costs on EcoDepot work a little differently to standard South African online shops because we’re a marketplace with multiple South African based suppliers that sell directly to you. This is why we are able to negotiate the best prices.

The total shipping cost calculation is worked out on how many products you have in your cart from different suppliers around the country.


Example 1: you order products from 1 supplier

You live in Cape Town and order different products valued at R1000 from a single supplier based in Johannesburg. The shipping cost is R75, your total amount to pay is R1000 + R75 = R1075.


Example 2: you order products from 2 different suppliers

You live in Cape Town and order different products valued at R1000 from a supplier in Johannesburg and other products valued at R2000 from a supplier in Durban.
The shipping cost from Johannesburg is R75 and the shipping cost from Durban is R85.
Your total amount to pay is (R1000 + R75) + (R2000 + R85) = R3160. 


How to calculate your shipping costs

Once you have products in your cart, head on over to the "Cart" page then click on "Calculate Shipping" highlighted in green above the yellow checkout button.
Then, enter your country, province & postal code and click on the yellow calculate shipping button.

Watch how to find out your shipping costs

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch through our live chat or via email: if you have any questions. We are always happy to help!