How to keep your home warm on a budget

A typical house loses heat primarily through the roof, windows and floors (about 30% each). Floor insulation should be considered when building, whereas double-glazing and roof insulation can be done on an existing home. Due to the high costs of insulation and double-glazing, we have a few solutions for you to keep your home warm, and on a budget! 

Roll-up Blinds

If you live in a double-story home and have noticed how cold your living room becomes at night-time, a great way to prevent the heat from escaping is to insert a ceiling to floor roll-up blind at any entrance way of an open-plan area. Simply roll down the blind in the evenings before the cold kicks in, and roll it back up in the mornings. This will help retain the heat enormously!

Closing your regular blinds or curtains in front of your windows at night-time will also limit the loss of heat through the windows.

Adjustable Ceiling Fan

Did you know that ceiling fans are not only used to cool down areas in the summer? They are just as handy in the winter!

It's simple. In the summer, the ceiling fan rotates anticlockwise, at a high speed, to push cool air down to the floor. In the winter, you can adjust the ceiling fan to rotate clockwise, which pulls the cool air up at a low speed and stops the fan from creating a strong draught.

This forces the warm air that is trapped near the ceiling (the temperature is warmer at the ceiling than at floor level, as heat naturally rises) to be pushed up and outwards, and circulated around the room. This method can save you quite a bit of money on heating devices.

 How to warm up a room by changing the direction of your ceiling fan:

  • Find the toggle-switch just below the blades and flip the switch to change the direction. Flip the switch down, or to the left, in summer (downward airflow) and flip the switch up, or to the right, in winter (upward airflow)
  • If your ceiling fan has a remote control, simply press the forward button to set the fan to rotate clockwise for the winter
Blade Industrial Ceiling Fan
EUROLUX 3 Blade Industrial Ceiling Fan
EUROLUX Airplane Ceiling Fan With Pull Chain
EUROLUX Airplane Ceiling Fan With Pull Chain

Gas Heater

For a quick fix - a gas heater will definitely do the trick and add instant warmth to your home. 

ALVA 3 Panel Luxurious Infrared Radiant Indoor Heater
ALVA 3 Panel Luxurious Infrared Radiant Indoor Heater


Creating a warm and cosy atmosphere begins with a few easy changes & additions in your home to stay warm during the winter, while bringing some LIFE into your space.

Changing the paint on your walls 


An off-white hue is ideal for any season - although, picking the wrong shade of white could create the opposite effect in winter! The best off-white shade (as seen below) ensures a natural, modern & refreshing look for any room in the house.

Off-white wall paint

Mustard Yellow

A trending colour amongst many homeowners that adds a pleasant glow to your space. This shade of yellow will make it feel like the sun is shining; even when it's not.


Yellow Mustard


Instantly feel the warmth with this bold and welcoming colour - it will certainly make an impression. Try Burgundy, Cherry Red or Scarlet to enhance your living room.

If all four walls painted red is a tad too much - try adding a few items of red around the living room: cushions, rugs, curtains, furniture, flowers or artwork. 

Red painted living room


Not only is orange the new black - it is a modern, cosy and vibrant colour that can warm up and illuminate your living space.

Orange bedroom

If any of the above colours are too daring - try painting a 'feature wall' to rooms with neutral tones to experiment with while keeping season changes in mind. (A little goes a long way.) Or, add only a few items of the above-mentioned shades to your bedroom and living room: rugs, cushions, chairs, ottomans, alcoves, curtains, blinds, decor and paintings. 

Fluffy rugs & carpets

Old but gold: Simply add a soft, fluffy rug, throw or carpet to bedrooms, bathrooms and living rooms in your home for that perfect touch of warmth. Plus, they can make a home feel much more inviting. Try faux fur, wool, cotton or acrylic. The fluffier the better.

Fluffy carpet

LED Dimmable Lights

Perfect for setting the scene and adding a warm and cosy mood to the room. LED dimmable lights are cost-effective and last for longer while saving energy too. 

Dim lights
Ellies LED DImmable Light
Ellies Dimmable LED Downlight, GU10, Warm White, 5W

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