How to install the EcoDepot Tank Cleaner System For Rainwater Tanks

How does the Tank Cleaner System work?

The EcoDepot Tank Cleaner System For Rainwater Tanks works by vacuuming up settled contaminants from the bottom of your tank and discharging them every time your tank overflows. As soon as the water level reaches the height of the overflow, our specially designed flow booster triggers a syphon effect and starts to vacuum water at a flow rate of 4 litres per second (that is more than a 1.1kW pressure booster pump can produce).

Tank Cleaner System

The powerful vacuum sucks up the sludge and contaminants, removing them from your tank. The vacuum is broken when the water level reaches a pre-set hole in the pipe, allowing the water level to rise again and start another cleansing vacuum cycle.

Without the tank cleaner system installed, each time your tank fills up with rainwater and overflows, fresh water from the top is discharged through the overflow while any contaminants that enter can settle and decompose at the bottom of the tank.

 Tank Cleaner System

The EcoDepot Tank Cleaner System For Rainwater Tanks

Features & benefits of the Tank Cleaner System

  • The tank cleaner system cleans your tank effortlessly and improves the quality of your water 
  • The system vacuums unwanted debris, silt and decomposing matter that may have settled at the bottom of your tank
  • It eliminates the need to empty and clean your tank every year (providing that your tank overflows at least 2 to 4 times a year under heavy rainfall)
  •  Easy DIY installation (see video) whether your tank is empty or full, and no power is required
  • The system is designed for vertical water tanks from 700L (including slimline tanks) to 5500L made of polymer plastic (successfully assembled on the following brands: Jojo, Ecotank, Rototank and Ecogator)

What you will need

Parts that are supplied:

  • 1 x Syphon pipe with flow booster
  • Vacuum pipe parts: 1 x predrilled vacuum pipe; 1 x end cap; 1 x predrilled vacuum pipe extension; 1 x elbow
  • 1 x tank connector
  • 1 x syphon breaker fitting

What you will need:

  • 1 x piece of plain 40mm PVC pipe
  • PVC glue
  • A saw
  • A 50mm holesaw (to create new hole for overflow)
  • A ladder (for larger tanks)
  • A power drill
  • A tape measure
  • Water pump pliers
  • Gloves
How to install the EcoDepot Tank Cleaner System parts needed and supplied

How to install the EcoDepot Tank Cleaner System

Step 1
First measure the diameter of the rainwater tank. If needed, cut the vacuum pipe extension so that the length of the complete vacuum pipe (end cap, pre-drilled vacuum pipe, coupler, pre-drilled vacuum pipe extension and elbow) matches the inside diameter of your rainwater tank.
Next, glue the components together, and wipe off any excess glue.

End cap, vacuum pipe, elbowEnd cap, vacuum pipe, vacuum pipe extension, elbow

Step 2
Remove the current fitting of your overflow and replace it with the tank connector. Make sure it is a tight fit, but do not push through to the inner ridge.
Alternatively, if you do not have a current fitting, choose a point that is near to the opening to drill a hole for the overflow. The hole should be drilled on the second groove from the top.

Connect the syphon breaker fitting to the tank connector on the inside of the tank (but do not glue yet).

Syphon breaker, tank connector

Step 3
Cut a piece of 40mm PVC pipe to connect to the vacuum pipe (which is situated at the bottom of the tank) and to the syphon breaker (situated near the tank overflow at the top of the tank). Measure from the base of the tank to the tank connector on the inside of the tank.

Then, glue the plain PVC pipe to the elbow of the vacuum pipe.

Vacuum pipe, 40mm PVC plain pipe

Step 4
Place the assembled vacuum pipe and plain PVC pipe inside of the tank. The vacuum pipe should be placed at the bottom of the tank.
Glue the plain PVC pipe to the syphon breaker. The syphon breaker should face the direction of the outside of the tank. Then glue the syphon breaker to the tank connector.

Vacuum pipe, 40mm plain PVC pipe, syphon breaker, tank connector

Step 5
Next glue the syphon pipe with the flow booster to the tank connector, which will be placed on the outside of the tank.

Installed tank cleaner system
The EcoDepot Tank Cleaner System installed


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