How to connect a booster pump and a pressure control switch to a rainwater tank

The DAB KPF 30/16M Peripheral Electric Pump is a compact and reliable centrifugal pump rated at 0.37kW, which pumps up to 30 litres of water per minute. It is a cost-effective solution for delivering water from rainwater harvesting tanks to toilets, kitchen appliances or your garden hose. The Tradepower Automatic Water Pump Control Switch maintains constant water pressure while you are using taps. It works by automating the starting and stopping operations of the water pump with regards to a drop in pressure.

While we using a DAB booster pump and a Tradepower pump controller in the below example, the principles remain the same for most booster pumps and pump controllers with pressure switches. Click here to see Recommended Booster Pumps and Controllers.

What you need to connect a pump controller to your water pump

  • Waterpump pliers
  • 3-core cable
  • Screwdriver/ electric screwdriver
  • EcoDepot Pump to Tank Connector Kit
EcoDepot pump to tank connector kit
EcoDepot Pump to Tank Connector Kit

How do you install a booster pump and a pressure control switch to a rainwater tank?

Step 1: Remove the valve at the top of the pump and attach the pressure control switch to the pump.

Step 2: Detach the lids of the pump and the controller using a screwdriver/ electric screwdriver.

Step 3: Using your 3-core cable, carefully cut 8cm off the top and expose the wires (+/- 1cm).

Step 4: Attach the wires to the corresponding units.

  • Live = Brown
  • Neutral = Blue
  • Earth = Green

First make sure that the screws are loose so that the wires can fit tightly underneath, then tighten.

Step 5: Attach the other end of the 3 core cable to the pressure control switch.

  • U = Brown
  • V = Blue
  • Earth = Green

Step 6: Attach the lids back on the pump and the controller.

Step 7: Attach the Tank connector - which consists of the ball valve and quick coupler - to the reducer connected to the bottom of the rainwater tank (screw it on).

Step 8: Attach the male coupler to the inlet side of the pump. This part comes attached to the ball valve in the kit.

Step 9: Attach the ball valve to the pump controller (screw it on).

Step 10: Attach the flexible hose from the tank connector to the pump.

Step 11: You can then attach a standard garden hose to your pump.

Step 12: Drill your booster pump into the ground.

Step 13: The pump will turn on automatically when opening the tap.


WATCH: A step-by-step tutorial on how to connect a booster pump & pressure control switch to a rainwater tank

Recommended Booster Pumps and Controllers

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DAB KPF 30/16M Water Pump, 0.37kW (0.5HP), 220V

TRADEPOWER MCOP1410 Automatic Pump Controller Switch, 220V

Tradepower booster pump and automatic pressure control switch

TRADEPOWER Self-Priming Jet Booster Pump & Pressure Control Switch

DAB KPF Peripheral Electric Pump & Pressure Control Switch
DAB KPF 30/16M Peripheral Electric Pump & Smart Press Pressure Control Switch

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