EcoDepot's Story

As the son of a building contractor, my childhood memories are flooded with Kodak moments of visiting building sites with my dad, playing around in the sand, building forts and getting as dirty as is absolutely possible. I was on site with him so often in fact that the labourers branded me with what is now my family nickname, “Bekhumuzi”, which is Zulu for look after the house.

Though I never got into building as a profession myself, I’ve always loved the opportunity to whip out the tools and get cracking on a DIY project or make an attempt at fixing up an appliance that’s just packed in. 

In my experience, finding the right tools or hardware for projects is both time consuming and expensive, as the local hardware store more than likely won’t have everything I need and is generally overpriced. Then it’s into the car for a trip over the mountain in the hopes of finding the rest of the items that I need and hopefully at reasonable prices.

This is where EcoDepot was born - Combining my passion for DIY with my professional experience in e-commerce seemed like a great way to take two things that I love, and combine them to create an “all under one roof” experience for everything Home Improvement & DIY, with the convenience of nationwide door to door delivery, and at the best prices.

The team and I trust that you will enjoy your experience using EcoDepot to source all of your DIY supplies and look forward to hearing your thoughts or comments through our live chat or via email at

All the best

Barry van Lingen
Managing Director