Big Blue CTO Carbon Block Water Filter Replacement Cartridge, 20 Inch

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  • Replacement cartridge will fit any 20-inch big blue filter housing
  • Greatly reduces the taste and smell of chlorine
  • Filters out organic materials and sediments
  • Enclosed in a 5-micron filter membrane
  • Replace once every 12 months (depending on the quality of water supply)

Activated carbon is treated or activated with oxygen to give it tiny holes and make it absorbent like a sponge. This solid block of porous carbon creates a chemical reaction when water passes through which absorbs chlorine and other organic materials. There is a 5-micron membrane surrounding the activated carbon block filter to trap any particles that may detach during the water filtration process. 


11.4cm x 50.8cm

20 Inch CTO Carbon Block Water Filter Cartridge

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