SANNITREE Turf Pong Pet Urine Remover Spray for Artificial Grass (5L)

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SANNITREE Turf Pong is a highly-effective pet urine remover solution for artificial grass, which utilises a combination of enzymes and bacteria that work together to stop the smell and eliminate the cause so it does not resurface.

  • Sannitree Turf Pong neutralises pet urine smells & removes the cause on artificial grass & turf
  • Powerful bio-enzymes break down uric crystals
  • Specially formulated for artificial grass
  • Does not mask the small - digests & eliminates!

*Note: If you’ve got cats or dogs, urine smells on your artificial grass or turf will be an ongoing problem. Turf Pong is just the start of managing the problem. 

The pungent smell from pet urine on artificial grass or turf develops from ammonia. When rinsing down artificial grass, the ammonia mixes with the water and forms crystal encrustations which block the drainage holes of the turf. Thus, making the smell even worse. Disinfectants only mask the smells caused by these encrustations, causing the smells to keep reoccurring after cleaning.

How does Turf Pong remove the smell?

Turf Pong is a powerful combination of ammonia-eliminating enzymes and odour-eating bacteria. When enzymes break down ammonia and ammonia crystals on contact, long-acting, odour-eating bacteria continue to reproduce until the food supply from the ammonia is finally exhausted. Both the smell and the source are completely eliminated.

Sannitree is an ISO9001 certified company and are the leading suppliers of 100% environmentally friendly, biodegradable products for the treatment of organic waste and wastewater since 1986. They have extensive knowledge and experience in enzyme and bacteria based products.

Tips to help manage the problem

  • Spray a specific shady toilet area with a pheromones spray to encourage your pet to urinate in a designated area
  • You can now easily identify the area needing treatment before treating with Turf Pong
  • Ensure that the levelling layer & drainage zone is free-flowing to avoid unnecessary crystallising of urine

Directions for use

  • NB - Apply after sundown
  • Spray the ready-to-use liquid liberally on the smelly area.
  • DO NOT spray in direct sunlight (Note: Ammonia decomposition takes place over a few hours. We recommend that Turf Pong is applied after sundown to allow maximum time for reaction)
  • Use as often required

*Artificial grass can reach very high temperatures. As enzyme products can have a reduced efficiency when the turf’s temperature exceeds 45°C, pet urine smells may reoccur if the bacteria have not had a chance to completely digest the ammonia. Bacteria will become active again after sundown or when temperatures cool.

How to remove pet urine odour on artificial grass with Sannitree's Turf Pong | By EcoDepot

Product specifications:

  • Type: Turf Pong Pet Urine Remover Spray for Artificial Grass
  • Size: 5L

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