CENTURION CLAWS Spike System Kit (3m Length, Direct Drive, Surface Mount)

R 53,939.00
This CENTURION CLAWS Spike System Kit includes a surface mount model with a direct drive. The direct drive utilises the drive mechanism of the co-installed SECTOR barrier. Surface mount models are installed above the roadway surface.
  • Bump slows traffic down & creates a safer access control point
  • Designed to withstand impacts from vehicles
  • Reliable & highly responsive due to high-torque DC motor
  • Bright 'traffic yellow' colour spikes for optimal visibility
  • All moving parts are removable, allowing for easy maintenance
  • Uses standard SECTOR gearbox & controller
Centurion Systems is South Africa's leader in access automation. They manufacture an award-winning range of products used to control the access of vehicles and people in and out of residential and industrial properties. Centurion is known for its reliable products designed to maximise safety and convenience.

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Product specifications:
  • Input voltage: N/A
  • Current draw: N/A
  • Wiring requirements: N/A
  • Length: 3m
  • Spikes raise/lower time: As per co-installed SECTOR
  • Maximum daily operations: 50% of co-installed SECTOR original specification
  • Daily operations (mains present): 50% of co-installed SECTOR original specification
  • Anti-corrosion (main chassis): Hot dip galvanised mild steel
  • Spike material: 85mm mild steel, electroplated & powder-coated
  • Trench cover load bearing capacity: 2 tons per wheel
  • Onboard receiver: N/A
What's in the box:
  • 1 x Direct drive linkage
  • 2 x 1.5m Surface mount spike modules
  • Excludes SECTOR traffic barrier

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