SANIFLO® SANIFOS® 500 Vortex Sewage Lifting Station with 500L Tank for Below Ground, 6 Inlets, 2x 1500W (single-phase) 2x 2600W (three-phase)

R 63,995.00

SANIFOS® 500 Vortex Sewage Lifting Station comes with a built-in vortex system, a dual pump (single phase or three phase) and a 500L withholding tank. It is the ideal solution for residential or industrial situations where the sewer point is too high for natural gravity drainage. Equipped with a self-cleaning tank floor preventing any sediment gathering in the tank. The unit can be connected to a dishwasher, washbasin, shower or washing machine regardless of the current sewer point location. The Sanifos 500 Lifting Station is activated using a float mechanism.

  • Can accept grey water at 70 degrees at 5min intervals making it perfect for laundry rooms
  • Unit is discreet, operates with low sound and requires no gravity for drainage
  • Has a large 500L tank manufactured from polyethylene making it durable and chemical resistant
  • Can discharge vertically up to 14m 
  • Includes a lifting station with a built-in vortex system using two 1500W / 2600W (single-phase / three-phase) motors, 2 vents & an activation float

SANIFLO, initiating in France has since established itself as the market leader for macerator and grinding pumps. Its products are renowned for durability and have been preferred by plumbers worldwide for over 50 years.

Product specifications:

  • Inlets: 6 x DN 40/50/100/110/125mm
  • Discharge pipe diameter: DN 50 (diameter ext 63mm)
  • Vent diameter: 2 x DN 75mm
  • Motor power: 1500W (single-phase) / 2600W three-phase)
  • Supply voltage: 220-240 50Hz (single-phase) or 230-400V (three-phase)
  • Electrical class: 1
  • IP Rating: IP68
  • Maximum flow rate: SANIFOS® 500 Macerator: 11 m3/h; SANIFOS® 500 Vortex: 27 m3/h
  • Maximum absorbed current: 2x 6A (single-phase) / 2x 4.75A (three-phase)
  • Maximum incoming water temperature: 70-degrees intermittently (5min max)
  • Maximum recommended depth: single-phase: 13.5m; three-phase: 21 m
  • On/off level: 400/100mm
  • Material: Polyethylene
  • Inlet water wire (FEA): 182mm
  • Activation method: Float
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Dimensions [L x W x H]: 1272mm x 1030mm x 934mm

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