LEO APM37 Peripheral Pump (0.37kW, 0.5HP, 220V)

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  • Transfers clean water/other liquids similar to water without substantial chemical properties
  • Suitable for home & garden, Pressure Boosting, Hydroponic Farming & Irrigation

LEO PUMPS APM37 Peripheral Pump (220V) transfers water and similar liquids with pressure boosting


Product Specifications:

  • Model: APm37
  • Power: 0.37 kW, 0.5 HP
  • Pump body: HT200
  • Impeller: Brass
  • Mechanical Seal: carbon/ceramic
  • O-ring: NBR
  • Support: HT200
  • Fan cover: PP
  • Fan: PP
  • Fan cover: ZL 102
  • Terminal box: ABS
  • Terminal board: PC
  • Filling plug: HPb59-1
  • Ambient & Liquid Tempreture: Max. Ambient temperature: +40°C, Max. Liquid temperature: +40°C
  • Dimensions: Length 260mm x Width 132mm x Height 155mm
  • Weight: 9kg

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